Jessica Crumpton Windlow 1906 - 1947

Jessica Crumpton Windlow, has her mother’s maiden surname included, following the traditional family naming system was born in 1906.

Her parents were William and Jane, and she had 3 brothers, William, Eli and Joseph.

She married George Frederick Layzelle in 1940 in Brentford, but dies, aged 39 years, in 1947 at Blandford, Dorset.

I recently found a newspaper article about Jessica – puts her in a bit of a dodgy light unfortunately….

Chelmsford Chronicle 2 August 1940

Ongar Session

Before H J Meyer (Chairman), H McCorquodale, L S Clarke, F H N Noble, Esqrs, and Capt. A F Royds.

Jessica Crompton Windlowe, other-wise Lazelle, of Rose Valley Cottage, Brentwood, was summoned for the larceny of £23 from a poutry farmer, Benjamin Richard Perowne, of Wyatts Green, Doddinhurst.

Perowne, an elderly man, said he met defendant on April 30, and became engaged to her on July 6, he gave her £2 from a roll of notes which he hid in a bedroom drawer.

After shopping, he found the drawer open and the money gone.

He heard that the defendant had been passing notes at Brentwood.

Defendant: Didn’t you promise to drop the case if I came to live with you?

Witness: I was willing to continue the friendship

Defendant gave evidence denying that she took the money and said her maiden name was Windlowe and her married name Lazelle.

The Bench dismissed the case.

Chelmsford Chronicle 9 August 1940

Poultry Farmer’s Death
Shot Himself in Blazing House

A verdict of “Suicide while the balance of his mind was disturbed” was returned at the inquest on Monday on Benjamin Richard Perowne, aged 63, of Wyatts Green, Doddinghurst, a poultry farmer, who was found dead on Sunday in a blazing bungalow.

Perowne was the prosecutor in a case at Ongar Police Court on August 1, when he accused Mrs Jessica C. Lazelle, of Rose Valley Cottage, Brentwood, of stealing £23 from him.

He then said that he thought Mrs Lazelle was unmarried and her name Windlowe, and he became engaged to her.

Later the money was missing from his home.

Mrs Lazelle denied taking the money, and said Perowne promised to drop the case if she went to live with him. The Bench dismissed the case against Mrs Lazelle.

At the inquest the Coroner (Mr L F Beccle) read a note from Perowne, which stated:

“I leave all my fouls and poultry houses to Harry Hazell, and ask that my horse should be destroyed and buried on the ground where I have lived for eleven years.

I am perfectly sane and I am doing this because of my losing the case against Jessica Lazelle and also conducting my own defence.”

PC lilley, Ongar, said at 12.20am on Sunday he was called to Perowne’s bungalow, which he found to be ablaze.

The Ongar Fire Brigade attended, but they could do little to stop the flames.

Inside the building Perowne could be seen on a bedstead with a double-barrelled gun between his legs.

Later a charred open Bible was found by the bedside.

While the bungalow was burning a quantity of petrol exploded inside.

Mrs Florence Hazell, of Doddinghurst, a neighbour, said she spoke to Perowne before the tragedy and he seemed normal, although very talkative about the Police Court case.

The note read by the Coroner had been pushed through her window, together with a paper which she lent to him.

Harry Hazell, to whom the deceased had left his fowls etc, was her small son, of whom Perowne was very fond.

In answer to the Coroner, Mrs Hazell said Perowne had often said he felt like putting a match to the whole place and setting it on fire.

Dr F E Camps, pathologist, said death was due to asphyxia, caused by carbon monoxide.

There were other injuries consistent with gunshot wounds.

Det. Sgt Jeavons said he interviewed Mrs Lazelle who stated that Perowne had a gun tied to the bedstead, and had sprinkled the walls of the bungalow with paraffin and had heaped paper about.

Insp. Butcher said Mrs Lazelle could not give evidence at the inquest as she was ill in hospital.