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This website is dedicated to my Windlow family and the various family lines along the way ....

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A Genealogy website – from Northumberland to the Black Country and back... a journey through the coal, iron & textile industries & the sea

Welcome to my Windlow Family Tree website.

My research begins with my Grandfather, Eli Windlow

I had not been able to get beyond the 1800's, due to somewhere along the line, the name has changed from WINDLOW to WINLOW and finally WINLEY/WINLAY.

In order to find out more, I decided to begin a One Name Study into the Windlow/Winlow/Winley  surname – this can be found at www.windlow.org.uk

It is a work in progress … and I thank researchers in Australia and the IOW for their contributions.

2017 update - it gives me great pleasure to have finally broken down the brick wall so that my Windlow Family Tree goes back to the 1600's to Holy Island, Northumberland.

I am also able to connect my cousins in Australia and hopefully, I can also follow the Windlows to America ... I can then add every generation to my One Name Study website.

Windlow Line

Eli was born in 1902 in the Houghton le Spring registration district of County Durham.

His parents were William Johnson Windlow and Jane Crumpton, and they had 3 other children William, Joseph and Jessica.

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Boardman Line

Eva was born in Weymouth in 1898. Eva was one of 11 children, the family having originally come from Chester. Her parents were George and Mary Ellen.

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Crumpton Line

Jane Crumpton was born in 1882 in Middle Rainton, Durham. Her parents Eli and Mary Ann originally came from the Midlands.

Jane married William Johnson Windlow on 3 February 1900, in Houghton le Spring and had 4 children.

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