John Boardman 1834 - 1917

John was born in Bolton, Lancashire about 1834, and by the 1841 census, he is living with grandparents Geoffrey and Ellen. (It states on his marriage certificate that his father was James Seddon, thus I am presuming that he was illegitimate).

John’s mother, Lucy and her husband John Yates and their 1-month-old daughter, Mary, are also recorded at the same Ebenezer Street address.

1851, John is living with his mother, Lucy, (a dressmaker) and her husband John Yates (John Boardman’s step-father, recorded as a Cotton Hand Loom Weaver), and their son, Joseph.

Their daughter, Mary, appears to have died before the 1851 census.

John Boardman marries Mary Maria Fitzpatrick in 1860.

John was residing at Brook Street and Mary was living at Foregate Street when they got married.

John is recorded as a Blacksmith.

I have very little information about him until the 1861 census which shows him living with wife Mary and 4-month old daughter, Eliza, at 16 Oulton Place, Chester St Oswald, Cheshire.

He is an Engine Smith aged 26. Mary is 21 years old.

In the 1871 census he is living at 18 Oulton Place, Chester with wife, Mary, and children Eliza, Allen, John, Lucy and?Jos (is this Thomas?)

Four further children are born: George in 1872, Lucy in 1876, Mary Ellen in 1878 and Anne in 1880.

By the 1881 census, the family are living at 22 Oulton Place, Chester.

As an Engine Smith (E M) – John made parts for and repaired engines using the tools of a Smith – similar work to that of a Blacksmith.

John’s eldest son, Allan, is a Coach Wheeler Apprentice.

The 1891 census shows the other children are now in work: John is an iron moulder, George and Thomas are apprentice Turners, Lucy is also apprenticed, but I am unable to read the census entry for her occupation.

Mary Ellen and Anne are still classed as scholars.

There is no mention of Eliza, so I can only assume that she is either in service or perhaps married or possibly with her grandparents?

By 1901, John has retired, he is now 68 years old.

He and his wife have moved to 10 Wellington Street, Chester and are living with their youngest daughter, Anne who is 21 years old.

Staying with them on the night that the census is recorded, is his married daughter Mary Ellen Blomfield, and her 1-year-old son, Gordon.

Three-year-old granddaughter, Jane E Boardman abt 1898 Liverpool, was also recorded.

Later in the year, Mary’s death is recorded.

In the 1911 census, John is recorded as a retired Blacksmith living with his daughter, Lucy and her husband, Louis Tremlett (a Tobacco Traveller) and their sons, Frederick (11 years) and Reginald (2 years)  at 6 Moss Bank, Park Road, Chester.

John’s death is registered in 1917.